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Orthodontist Website Design

If you are a practicing orthodontist and you need professional orthodontist website design services, you may not know where to begin. After all, it's no small decision to trust another with the outcome of your website. At Luxuate Digital Marketing, we understand your need for a website that reflects the values, mission, and culture of your dental office, while at the same time, projecting your message and accomplishing your goals. That is why you should work with a web design company that services dental clinic websites exclusively.

Your Website is Your First Impression

Not too long ago, it used to be that your building was the first impression that your practice made on your community. For example, if you owned a local dental clinic, then you would want to place a lot of emphasis on maintaining a clean, neat, orderly, and professional clinic, inside and out. This is still true today, but nowadays, your orthodontist website design will likely be the first impression you make on people who are looking for an orthodontist in your area. It is critical to make sure that your website makes a great first impression on your visitors, lest it is the only impression that you make!

Luxate Digital Marketing understands that we can't serve everyone. We recommend and encourage you to contact us and request a free no-obligation consultation. We'll go over your goals with you, establish a strategy, and provide you with a free quotation. Whether you go forward with our services or another provider, here are some elements you must make sure are present in any orthodontist website design:

Responsive Design

A responsive website is one that loads fast and displays cleanly on any device, any screen size, and in any browser. Responsive website design is essential for good SEO, and it will provide your users with a positive experience and get more people to choose your clinic.


It might seem that SEO and orthodontist web design are two different things altogether. However, the two go hand-in-hand. A web designer who is cross-trained in SEO can make sure that your images, text, and videos are optimized and that your site is SEO-friendly.

Social Media Links

Since your social media accounts can be used to connect with and stay in touch with your clients - in addition to generating a consistent stream of new clients - it's crucial to make sure that your social media accounts are present on each page and are displayed properly.

Calls to Action

Having a call to action isn't enough. Your call to action must be placed and designed strategically to maximize user engagement.


There are a lot of people in the country, in the world, and right in your location, who are asking a lot of questions about services you provide at your dental clinic. A blog is a great way to get some traffic and new leads to your website over the long-run and establish your dental clinic is the authority in your area.

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