I'm Vic Nikolaj and I proudly own and operate Luxate Digital Marketing. For better or worse, I've been surrounded by dentistry my entire life. My Dad is a Dentist in Downtown YEG (Dr. Harold Nikolaj) and my mom is the manager of their dental practice. My wife is a dental assistant by trade and is now a surgery coordinator for a 3 location practice in and around Edmonton. It goes deeper still... My best friend married a dentist as well so no matter where I go, my conversations always end up revolving around dental issues. 

I'm often asked why I wouldn't have pursued my DDS. and the answer is quite simple - I enjoy having a pain free spinal column ;)

As a young man I was shown the value of self reliance, compassion, and responsibility. I also learned that sometimes just being good at dentistry isn't enough to run a successful practice - you have to keep an eye on the business side too. 

I started Luxate by accident, I found myself wanting to help my parents on their path to retirement and having experience in the digital marketplace I applied my skills in the best way I could.

After helping my parents get some digital traction, some of their colleagues took notice and before long a business was born.

I'd love to chat with you and see if there may be some way I can help you add value to your business


1 Kingfisher Rd
Sherwood Park AB



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