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Orthodontist Business Card

As important as they are, a lot of people still do not know who orthodontists are what they do. If you’re looking to get the word out about your orthodontics practice, a business card could be a valuable part of your marketing strategy. When used right, your orthodontist business card can create an impression on your potential clients and give them an easy means of contacting you when they need your services.

How can orthodontists use their business cards?

A lot of people are quick to conclude that business cards are going into extinction. However, most of these people are guilty of underutilizing business cards. Your orthodontist business card could still serve as a valuable tool for attracting potential clients and keeping the old ones if you use it correctly. Here are some suggestions on how you can use your business card.

Remind patients of upcoming appointments

The back of your business card can have a column for appointment reminders. At the end of a patient’s visit, fill in the dates of their subsequent appointments in this column and hand them a copy of your orthodontist business card. They’re more likely to remember your business as well as their appointment that way. Also, you can mention the business card in passing when you call or send them a text to remind them of their next appointment.

Use for referrals

Your orthodontist business card could also be a great tool to help you bring in more business. After you might have satisfactorily treated a patient, give them some business cards so they can refer family and friends to your business. Word of mouth will always be an uber-reliable referral tool, but it could even be more effective when a business card accompanies it. When the new patient returns one of the cards, give the referring patient a gift card or discount on your services or some other reward.

Include a map

Depending on your target audience, a map to your practice could be a useful marketing tool on your orthodontist business card. If you’re working with a lot of seniors, for example, including a map and directions to your practice would be an excellent way to locate you without having to call or visit your website.

Share among colleagues

Because orthodontics is a specialty in dental practice, building a great relationship with general dentists and other professional colleagues could be vital to business growth. You could share your cards among the colleagues you have a relationship with so they can hand a card to a patient they wish to refer. Remember to reward them for every patient referral.

Contact us for high-end orthodontist business cards

While some may be quick to dismiss the significance of an orthodontist business card in promoting your business, we believe that they are still beneficial, if done right. If you want to take your dental marketing efforts to a whole new level, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Luxate Digital Marketing. We provide modern marketing solutions and guarantee significant returns on your investment.

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