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Digital Marketing for Dentists

As a dentist in today's world, you have many different marketing options available to you. For example, depending on your location and other factors, traditional marketing might still be a viable option for your dental office. Indeed, we have clients at Luxate Digital Marketing who invest in both traditional and digital marketing platforms. However, 100% of the time, digital marketing is where dentists should be concentrating their efforts! In other words, even if you currently have a traditional marketing campaign in place, you should consider adding to or replacing your traditional marketing endeavors with digital marketing.

Luxate Digital Marketing provides top-tier digital marketing services for dentists in North America and around the world. If your dental marketing strategy isn't primarily digital, then it may be time for a complete overhaul. Luxate Digital Marketing can help you connect with new patients via search engines, email, social media, and more. We'll turn your website into a patient-generating machine. Wherever your practice is located, Luxate Digital Marketing can help you connect with your target audience.

Inbound Digital Marketing for Dentists

To understand where it is wisest to invest in digital marketing efforts, you must first understand that all digital marketing efforts fall into either one of two categories - inbound marketing or outbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a series of processes that involve engaging your potential new patients with content. Then, there is outbound marketing, which involves "going out" and finding your potential new patients and bringing them back to your practice. Think of the two as fishing vs. hunting. Inbound marketing is fishing, and outbound marketing is hunting.

It's okay to hunt, but why spend all your time and energy hunting when you cast your line and wait for a fish to bite (speaking metaphorically)? The best inbound marketing strategies will bring new leads to your practice. The fact is; outbound marketing strategies are widely implemented and overrated. Therefore, if your current marketing strategy is largely outbound, we might want to focus more on inbound marketing.

Why Do Dentists Marketing Online?

Digital marketing for dentists is popular nowadays because everyone is online. Just like any other niche or industry, businesses need to market wherever the leads are. Traditional marketing channels, such as TV, radio, and print, are no longer as viable as they once were. Digital marketing is where you will find and connect with your potential new customers, and digital marketing is still much cheaper than traditional marketing.

Let's face it; Even as a dental practice that seeks to help and benefit others, your bottom line is still your bottom line! Why would you be taking advantage of digital marketing to generate more leads? Why wouldn't you take advantage of something that would allow you to generate 50% more leads at 35% of the cost of traditional marketing? Luxate Digital Marketing can help you attract more leads to your dental practice, generating more money for your business and costing you less in the meantime.

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