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Dental Web Design

Dental web design done properly can be a useful and profitable tool for dental clinics. Of course, building and designing a dental office website is not the same as building and designing other types of websites. Dental clinic websites have a unique feel and different sets of elements that must be ordered and presented in a logical fashion. This is why most dental clinics opt to work with dental office web design agencies, such as Luxate Digital Marketing, that specialize exclusively in designing websites for dentists.

Even the best web designers, in general, may struggle to complete the proper web design for a dental clinic. The fact is; It pays to work with a web design agency like Luxate Digital Marketing because all we know is dentistry websites. We know the features, layout, look, feel, and elements that dentistry website users expect to find. We know how to create beautiful professional websites for dentists that solve their problems, meet their challenges, and help them organize their services and improve their office's operations.

What's the Best Dental Web Design?

Creating the perfect dental website is both a work of art and a science. Here are some of the elements and considerations that may be present for the best dental web design:

Website focus

Website personality

Special offers

Website abandonment strategy

The use of photos

Online appointment-setting

Online bill pay

Use of videos

Live video chat


No membership prompt

Site navigation

ADA accessibility


Ads and outgoing links

A fresh dental blog

Contact forms

Calls to action

Of course, we are just scratching the surface of what might go into the perfect dental website design. There are a lot of technical things to consider as well, such as the following:


Content strategy

Website usability

Site speed

Mobile-friendly and responsive website

User experience optimization

Tracking and metrics

Content strategy

Most of the technical stuff can be taken care of by setting clear goals, communicating between dental office and web designer, and performing a competitor analysis up-front. Luxate Digital Marketing is on top of everything, and that is why more dental clinics prefer to work with us.

We Build and Design Custom Dental Websites

As a client of Luxate Digital Marketing, you have choices regarding how you want your website to be set up and configured. For example, if you would like, we can code a brand-new website from scratch using HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, and other programming languages. We can even build and design your website on a popular CMS, such as WordPress. Many of our dental clients prefer HTML sites, as these tend to perform faster and have more security. On the other hand, WordPress sites make it easy for website owners to log in, add new content, and make minor adjustments. Luxate Digital Marketing can also fix an existing website for you. We offer comprehensive web design services for dental offices.

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