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Dental Search Engine Marketing

Dental clinics experience that as much as 76% of all their new patients find them in the search engines. Nowadays, when someone is looking for a dentist, they go on search engines like Google and search for keyword phrases like "Dentist near me" or "Best family dentist in (town)." Then, they make their selection based on the results. It goes without saying that you want your dental clinic to show up in those results!

Of the remaining 24% of new dental patients, the majority of those will choose their new dentist based on references from friends and family. Get the picture? You need to be found online to generate new patients and new business.

How Important is Search Engine Marketing for Dental Clinics?

Today, dental search engine marketing is a crucial piece of the marketing pie that must be present if you want your dental practice to stand out. If you want to generate new patient leads, then make sure dental search marketing is a big part of your marketing plan. Luxate Digital Marketing can help you plan, implement, and oversee your marketing campaign so that you get the most out of it. We have experience with working for dozens of other dentists just like you. Suffice it say; We understand your needs and goals.

Don't DIY

Dental search marketing can be a major task for someone who has no experience with search marketing. If not done correctly, your search engine marketing efforts might be in vain. To ensure that your time and money is well-spent, why not partner with a search engine marketing company like Luxate Digital Marketing that works solely with dentists? We can help you make your search marketing campaign a success.

How Dental Search Engine Marketing Works

To start with, Luxate Digital Marketing will provide you with a free consultation and quote. We'll discuss your needs, goals, and timelines and determine if Luxate Digital Marketing is the right agency for you. We'll perform competitor research and help determine which topics and keywords you should target. Then, we'll make sure that your dental clinic is registered with all of the relevant listing services, such as Yelp, Google, and social media.

Once we have your business registered, we'll work on getting some reviews for your dental practice so that potential new patients will feel good about choosing your dental clinic over your competitors. Next, Luxate Digital Marketing will invest in paid search engine ads to get your business recommended at the top of the search results pages for your keywords.

Request a Free Consultation and Quote

Planning and implementing a robust search marketing campaign is only half the battle. We'll keep a close eye on your campaign, making sure it is performing up to par, making tweaks, and optimizing as necessary as we go. Luxate Digital Marketing provides on-demand reporting so that you can see your progress in the search engines in real-time.

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