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Dental Practice Logo Design

There are a couple of reasons why a dentist might be looking into rebranding their dental practice. For instance, you may have an established dental practice with an outdated image or logo and looking to put on an update on your dental practice logo design.

It could also be because you just purchase an established practice that has an outdated brand and/or was beforehand branded by the name of the previous owner. Once you have decided that rebranding is important to your dental practice, the next phase is planning and executing it.

How valuable is the name?

The benefit of branding a dental practice as the name of the general practitioner is that your customers, prospects, and community will always know who a particular dentist is at a particular company and location. The downside to this is that it could make it hard for any other dental practitioner to make a valuable name for themselves under that brand.

If you have decided to rebrand your company with a new image, you may want to think about the value of transitioning to a new exclusive practice name, even if it is few years prior to when you envisage transitioning out of practice.

Invest in quality dental practice logo design

The logo you use says a lot about your company, so it is important you don’t take your logo design lightly. Colors, fonts, and design all work together to create an image of your company along with its name. So, you need to make sure your logo reflects how you want your audience to see and remember your brand.

A logo can mean the difference between instant success and dwindling interest, so it is a valuable investment to hire expert logo designers that can help you create a great logo that represents your brand.

Rebranding to educate

This is very important, especially when your rebranding also includes renaming your practice. Anytime a practice goes through noteworthy changes, it is wise to consider rebranding as the means to express and define those changes to your customers and community. Design an education and transition phase where you announce your rebranding.

For instance, you can create a message like “we are getting a new look” in areas such as your office signage, website, direct mail postcards to your customers, and more. However, in that particular messaging, reassure your customers that they will still get the same quality care they are used to.

Incorporate your new image

It is important to make your new image highly visible to your current and new customers, especially at the beginning of your dental practice rebranding. This could mean using the new image in places you don’t normally have an image. Some of the places to consider besides your office signage, website, and mail postcards include brochures, business cards, appointment reminder cards, and more.

At Luxate Digital Marketing, we make it our mission to help dental practitioners achieve their objectives through strong brands. Contact us today about our brand management services.

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