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Dental Instagram Marketing

Today, it seems like dental clinics are popping up all over the place. This is good news for patients who know that they now have more options, but more dental clinics means that there is more competition for dental practices. To attract new dental patients, many dental practices have been convinced to engage in gimmicky marketing tactics that have minimal efficacy at best. In this sense, there is plenty of room to stand out from the pack for dental clinics that use the right marketing strategies, such as dental Instagram marketing.

Are You Taking Advantage of Instagram Marketing for Your Dental Practice?

Of the many popular social media platforms today, Instagram can help your dental practice to establish itself as the trusted authority and to build your brand and promote growth. More people today search for dental clinics on social media than on Google. In addition to dental patients, local businesses also review these posts, and the opinion they share with customers can have a substantial impact on new patient growth.

Instagram is one of the most powerful networking tools available to any dental clinic. Instagram shares photos and videos to help you connect with your local community. Plus, the informal setting of Instagram reveals the genuine nature of a brand. Patients and new patients can meet your employees, peek at the inner-workings, and over time, a good reputation can earn you referrals from local businesses.

How to Do Dental Instagram Marketing

Instagram enables dental clinics to boost posts and advertisements to increases views. One of the most powerful aspects of social media is its ability to network small businesses. These days, Instagram is connecting businesses virtually. In a very short period, a small business (such as a dental practice), can attract loyal followers and gain recognition from influential voices in town.

Networking on Instagram is all about making connections with people and their businesses. On Instagram, you can build relationships and trust over time by sharing moments of life and showing support to others. Dental clinics should be reaching out to other businesses on Instagram, starting with hair salons, restaurants, and real estate agents within a 7-mile radius. These competitive industries will be thankful for your online support and help in keeping them relevant. In turn, they will likely agree to promote your clinic to its customers. The key is to create posts that show professionalism, enthusiasm, and high standards.

Let Luxate Digital Marketing Help You Be Successful on Instagram

Let's face it; managing social media is strenuous and time-consuming. That's why Luxate Digital Marketing offers dental Instagram marketing and management. Rather than spending hours each day sharing and contributing on Instagram, you can hire Luxate Digital Marketing to do it for you for a nominal fee. We know how to market on Instagram, and Luxate Digital Marketing works exclusively with dental practices. Contact us today to speak with a dental Instagram marketing pro to discuss your goals.

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