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Dental Facebook Marketing

Dental Facebook marketing need not be complicated or ambiguous. When you work with Luxate Digital Marketing, you have the advantage of partnering with a marketing firm that understands how to successfully market and advertise on FB and works exclusively for dental offices. Marketing on FB can be very profitable and drive a consistent stream of new patients, but only if it's done right! This is why dental clinics team up with Facebook marketing firms for dentists.

Having Luxate Digital Marketing on your team means that you get a whole team of FB marketers for less than the cost to hire just one full-time employee. We cross the Ts and dot the Is for your dental clinic's FB marketing. We will ensure that your practice information is always updated and accurate. This includes the following:

Practice Address

Phone Number

Email Address


Office Hours

Of course, managing your basic information is just a small part of what Luxate Digital Marketing can do for our Facebook marketing dental clients. Let's explore some of the other ways our services can be a benefit to your FB marketing endeavors.

Create Engaging Content for Your Facebook Marketing Campaign

Luxate Digital Marketing will take care of the content creation aspect of Facebook marketing for your dental clinic, which can be a full-time job with overtime, in and of itself. We create posts that actually engage. If your posts aren't resonating with your audience, then you are wasting your time on FB. Using funny memes, asking questions, linking to interesting or helpful articles; All of these can promote audience engagement.

Use Real Photos for Connecting with Your Audience

You don't need a $1k+ camera to take authentic photos. All you need is a smartphone. We do not want to use stock photos on your FB page. Regular pictures on-location can help you connect with your FB audience and appear as non-rigid or non-stiff. This is social media, so be social! Without crossing into the realm of inappropriate, feel free to have a little fun and be funny in your unique photos.

Promote Activity on Your FB Page

Does your dental office offer free WiFi? Most dental clinics do these days. Well, if so, make good use of your dental clinic's free WiFi by asking your patients to check-in on Facebook. The more people who share your FB page, the more people will see it. Therefore, we encourage you to incentivize activity on your FB page. Offer discounts for patients who leave reviews, promote your services and offer exclusive deals on your FB page to keep your audience coming back.

Be Open 24/7 with Real-Time Online Scheduling

Your Facebook provides your dental office to be open 24/7/365. Since you are investing money into funneling new leads to your FB page, take advantage of your ability to connect with your patients at any time. Let your patients schedule appointments directly from your FB page, along with your Yelp page, Insurance Partner listings, and Google listing.

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